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 Family Business 

Hamburg. ebs has started to educate next generation leaders of family business as early as 1978 .... [weiter]


Tampa/Hamburg. Peter Thiel, ebs Class of 1978, went to the USA and set up his own business ... [weiter]

 Financ'l Leaders

Hamburg.   ... [weiter]

 Empl'd Leaders

Hamburg.  ... [weiter]

 Women Leader 

Hamburg. What are gender specific challenges for women in leadership positions? ... [weiter]



Hamburg. Jörn Aldag, CEO of Evotech AG, Hamburg, ... [weiter]

 Next Generation Leader 

Hamburg. Going abroad and prove your tru global manager potential? ... [weiter]

  Public Sector 

Oestrich-Winkel. Prof. Dr. Ahrens will move to Göttingen and be succeeded by Dr. Fendel  ... [weiter]


Osnabrück. Jutta Reinert, ebs Class of 1989, on her projects for children in Africa ... [weiter]

  Legal Leader

Oestrich-Winkel. Professor Dr. Picot, RA, heads the Center for M&A Law at the ebs  ... [weiter]


20354 Hamburg, Poststraße 33, T 040 - 3508 5820 F 040 - 3890 74 96