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 Survival of the fittest 

Hamburg. How can Northern Germany compete in a globalizing economy? ... [weiter]

   Family Business   

Oestrich-Winkel. The opening of the ebs European Family Business center (ebs EFBC) in 2005 underlines ebs' mission to provide leading edge management & leadership education for family business successors ... [weiter]

      IT ITeS IS ICT   

Hamburg. How does the ICT industry look like in 10 years and how will that impact the way businesses are managed and employees lead?  ... [weiter]

  People Watch

Oestrich-Winkel. Professor Andreas Hackethal, ebs Department of Finance, researches strategies for successfull retail banking ...

     Retail Banking    

Hamburg. How does the bank's future role look like? ... [weiter]

  Mergers & Acquisitons 

Hamburg. How good research impacts the success of mergers & acquisitions ... [weiter]

 Demand & Supply Mgt.

Hamburg. How will the future of logistics look like in 5 -10 years?  ... [weiter]


Under preparation

     Energy Efficieny     

Hamburg. Reducing energy consumption per given output can be reached via more effective management  ... [weiter]

    Higher Education      

Oestrich-Winkel. ebs takes the lead in improving research productivity with innovative management tools ... [weiter]


Hamburg. What is the state of art in modern Not-for-Profit management & leadership  ... [more]


Under preparation

20354 Hamburg, Poststra├če 33, T 040 - 3508 5820 F 040 - 3890 74 96