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Hamburg. How much competition should the state allow in this increasingly globalised world?... [more]


Hamburg. How do Northern European family businesses perform? ... [more]

 Meeting May 5 & 6

Hamburg. May 5, registration and informal get together, May 6 all-day working session for contributors and supporters ... [more]


Hamburg. Hamburg's Harbour Anniversary, May 5-7 will provide the surrounding plattform for the initial meeting of the contributors for the ebs Nordlichter Day 2007 ... [more]

OUR REGION in 2017

Hamburg. How will the region look like in 10 years when todays students will first come into the position to steer the region ... [more]


Hamburg. What are the learnings from effective transformation projects in our region?   ... [more]


Hamburg. What are the leadership challenges on the top of today's leaders and what are suitable counter strategies?  ... [more]


Hamburg. One country from Northern Europe will be the focus country for the ebs Nordlichter Day 2007. ... [more]


Hamburg. What is on top of the mind of current and future leaders in Northern Germany & Europe ... [more]


Hamburg. What are current best practices to effectively transform inventions into commercial success?  ... [more]


Hamburg. How can social responsibility be transferred into practical projects that help?  ... [more]


Jörn Aldag, CEO Evotec, ebs Class of 1982

Hamburg. Jörn will act as Co-Chair of the Public Policy Track which will focus on the role of competition; he is a member of the Council of Competitiveness of the German Governement ... [more]





June 2006


Webs Nordlichter Day"

Kick-off session for all prospective contributors to the first ebs Nordlichter Day 2007

MAY-OCT 2006

Hamburg/Kiel/Lübeck/Hannover/Bremen/ ...

"ebs Nordlichter Day 2007 - Intro"

Roadshow for prospective German participants

AUG 2006 - APR 2007


"ebs Nordlichter Day 2007 - Intro"

Roadshow for prospective Scandinavian & Baltic participants

JAN-APR 2007


"ebs Nordlichter Day 2007"

Final Roadshow for prospective participants

MAY 5 & 6, 2007


1st ebs Nordlichter Day 2007

Northern Germany's largest gathering of ebs alumni parallel to the Harbour Celebrations;

5. & 6. OKT 2007

Seoul, Südkorea

"11. Asien-Pazifik Konferenz der deutschen Wirtschaft"

Zweijähriges Treffen der deutschen Entscheidungsmacher zu Asien mit den Experten, Politkern und Dilomaten aus der Region;

Veranstalter: Asienpazifik Ausschuss der deutschen Wirtschaft (APA) i.V.m. der AHK Korea

20354 Hamburg, Poststraße 33, T 040 - 3508 5820 F 040 - 3890 74 96